Video Business card: The secrets to creating one

Business cards have made some amazing progress from their origin in fifteenth-century China. Used to trade contact information and for networking, business cards have turned into an essential tool for any business or brand. As Social media takes a strong hold on our day to day interactions, it’s the ideal opportunity for the standard business card to join the 21st century.

This doesn’t mean you should dump the paper business card, better still you should supplement it with a video business card. A video business card helps you stand out from your competitors helps to improve your site’s SEO. Also, let’s be honest, a well-designed business card can’t exhibit your character and charisma the way video can.

Creating your video business card

Consider the components of a paper business card. What are the messages passed on? Most business cards are equivalent. They tell the peruser the Who, What, and Where. Who are you? What do you and your organization do? Where would someone be able to connect with you?

Your video business card will address similar inquiries yet will do it in an increasingly critical and visual way that will make it difficult for the watcher to overlook. In the event that it helps, keep your very own business card out while you storyboard your video for motivation.

Name and contact information

Begin with a presentation of your and your organization. Include your contact details. This could be your telephone number, email address, and site – any way you need individuals to connect with you. On the off chance that you have a physical area, include your location.

If you choose to incorporate shots of your business environment but budget, time or different requirements keep you from completing an on-camera meet at the area, think about utilizing green screen (chroma key). Record video of the area and another video of you before a blue or green scenery. At that point, during editing make use of chroma keying to make the setting straightforward.


Customize your video to reflect your company’s identity. Use your brand colors, fonts, etc. when adding title/end cards, captions or lower thirds. If you have a jingle or piece of music associated with your company, be sure to incorporate it
Feature your business logo prominently at the beginning and end of your video. This intro and outro bumper will create a lasting and memorable impression on your viewers while building brand awareness.

Call to action

One of the greatest advantages of a video business card is the capacity to add a dynamic invitation to take action. Your invitation to take action could incite the watcher to fill out a contact form, agree to receive your newsletters, follow you on Twitter or visit your other social media channels.

Where should your video business card live?


Recently Facebook has shown itself to be a major player in the video hosting game. More than 4 billion video views occur each day on Facebook. Put your video business card front and center on your business’ Facebook page by setting it as your page’s featured video.


Regularly viewed as the web’s second biggest search engine, YouTube is the ideal spot to have your video business card. Upload your video with relevant tags and set it as your YouTube channel trailer. At the point when another guest goes to your organization’s YouTube channel, they will see the video play naturally.



Regardless of whether you call it About Us, Team or basically, About, the page on your site where you reveal your organization’s character is the perfect spot for your video business card. Try not to make light of the reason for this page, your About Us page can be powerful for winning over new clients.

With these tips, you’re headed to making an extraordinary video business card. On the off chance that you need any assistance making your own video business card, make sure you fill out the discovery form. We would love to help you create a brilliant video for your business.