10 Reasons Why Every Business Needs to Use Video in 2019

Videos are taking over the internet. A steadily increasing percentage of internet traffic is going to streaming videos, and online video traffic accounts for nearly half of the consumer traffic. YouTube receives 1 billion unique users every month, and 50% of mobile traffic is devoted to online video. Your potential customers are on the internet, and they love watching videos. In fact, they would much rather watch a video on your website than read the text on your website. While only 20% of internet visitors will read a page of plain text, 80% will watch a video with the exact same information. The internet has turned the way we create and consume video completely on it’s head. Only two decades ago it would have taken a significant budget to create a video marketing campaign of high quality, and even more capital to find a way to get it in front of your target audience. In 2019, the internet has completely democratized the video production process, and original, engaging content wins every time. Here’s why you need to make sure you exploit video in 2019.

Video converts

In this digital age, video converts, it’s as simple as that. Nothing is as effective as video at grabbing someone’s attention and efficiently communicating a call to action. Whether its content letting the audience know about a new sale, or a product unveiling informing about new product’s features, a video is far more likely to achieve the objective due to how conveniently the content can be consumed.


Video Performs Well on Social

Evidence has shown that video performs much better on social media than other types of content. That’s mainly due to the fact that many users want to see more video content, so social media platforms have designed the algorithms so that video is more likely to show in feeds. In some cases videos also autoplay, which gives your content a short window to grab the users attention which is invaluable and gives it the leg up over other types of content.

You Can Create Videos on a Shoestring

The standard of smartphones and digital cameras are also increasing and year on the year the cost comes down. This means that for most, owning a camera that grants the ability to record 1080p video is not beyond the realm of possibility. Most phones and laptops have the processing power to edit and render video too, which will allow you to pull together your footage and create a story with your content. Social media platforms allow you to distribute this content for free, so it’s feasible to create video marketing campaigns that reach hundreds of thousands of people with a meager budget. This is compared to the significant budget you would need to reach the same people via other routes, such as television. This is why every business should be using video in 2019.

Video Creates Emotion

Videos allow you to convey a story in a much smaller time frame than any other type of content. For example, in thirty seconds you cannot communicate a vast amount of information in a blog post, but in the same amount of time, you can make someone laugh or cry with video. This emotion creates a connection with the video and makes the information conveyed much more memorable. It also creates a connection with the brand and generates trust.

Video is More Likely to go Viral

As we touched on before, videos are great are making the audience feel something. When we watch something that we feel an emotional connection to, we’re inclined to want to show friends and family. This is exactly how viral content is shared, with each person sharing it with their network until a significant amount of people have seen it in a short period of time. Of course, other types of content can go viral, but there’s a far greater chance with video.

Video is Perfect for Mobile

Smartphone screens have grown in size over the last decade, with many mid-range handsets featuring six-inch screens. This means that larger screen sizes, coupled with the availability of generous data plans now make it more viable than ever to watch video whenever there are a few minutes spare.

Video Offers Great Return on Investment

Many marketers are finding that video production offers a terrific return on investment due to the reach that video can get on social platforms with relatively little initial investment. To measure return on investment, it’s important to understand the aim and function of the video marketing campaign and what the ultimate objective is. Due to the many reasons mentioned above, video often is the most effective method of achieving these marketing goals.

Engagement is Higher on Video

Engagement figures on videos often outperform other content due to far more people often viewing it due to its virality. This means that more people share it, so others are inclined to discuss it with each other and share it further. As discussed previously, people feel emotionally connected to some videos and therefore are more inclined to comment. Much in the same way that if someone has a really positive or really negative experience at a restaurant, this passion means that they’re more inclined to leave a review.

Video increases organic traffic

Whether a video is posted on a web page or social media, good video content finds a way to attract organic traffic. Organic search engine traffic increases if a website has a video embedded because search engines know that audiences prefer to watch video content. Whether you’re posting video content on your web page or social media, high-quality content will always get shared by audiences wanting to show other like-minded individuals.

Video attracts attention

When your favorite tv series enters an ad break, do you sit there and pay close attention to the adverts? No, you get your phone out and start scrolling through social media. This is where video content is incredibly effective when the audience is sat with time to spare ready for something interesting to win their attention. A high-quality video done well snatches the attention of the audience and persuades them to complete the call to action.


Video Marketing is here to stay, but many brands are still fixated on spending significant budgets on traditional forms of media such as radio and television, even in Nigeria. By experimenting and testing how video can work for your business, you can get ahead of the competition and start to use video to engage with your brand on a more intimate level.